Hi! My Name is George and I am a Self-taught Full-stack developer who has been in the IT industry for around the last 5 years now, based at a huge consultancy company. I have been fortunate to be involved with building some massive IT systems, apps and Software solutions, using a range of technologies.

Why Did I create this book?

I created this book so that developers can get an InSite into the use cases of JavaScript within the IT industry. When I was learning JavaScript, I found it hard to find projects where I could understand why things were done in certain ways. This book covers a vast amount of use cases for JavaScript and hopefully it will allow you to build up a portfolio of different, realistic projects.

What is in the Book?

There are no ToDo apps in this book! I have packed it full of project ideas that will give you a foundation to improve your problem-solving skills and improve as a developer. You will find a range of projects from Building Services to interacting with IoT devices, all of which will be a great addition to any developer portfolio.

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