JavaScript is quirky, fun and awesome language that can be especially daunting when it is the first language that you learn. Learning it is a challenge and in this article we discuss the ways in which you can overcome the various bumps along the road.

Understanding Logic

One of the fundamental reasons people struggle when learning JavaScript is because they don't have a core understanding of Logic. JavaScript is a programming language and that means that you are telling the computer what to do, understanding the logical processes and thinking behind creating instructions for a computer can really help you in the long run, taking a look at logical operators maybe a good start for you.

Avoiding Tutorial Hell

One of the biggest challenges you can face when learning JavaScript, or any programming language for that matter, is getting stuck in a cycle where you watch tutorial after tutorial without applying what you learn on your own.  

This is a problem because without building your own ideas, you will limit how much knowledge you gain as you will essentially allowing others to do the thinking for you. Learning a programming language requires patience, practice and consistency and JavaScript is no exception.

I'd recommend picking a project form the 101 JavaScript Projects eBook that we have created and learning how to do it by breaking down the problem that you are trying to solve.

Start with the basics

JavaScript has quirky features that are only seen in JavaScript. To get a solid understanding of these it is important that you start with the basics first, that means learning how simple functions work, what ```var``` is and how to create Objects.

Learning to read Documentation

This will also help you out a lot, documentation is crucial to any developers arsenal and understanding how to read it and what to look for will help you out so much moving forward.

This will enable you to integrate third party libraries, use APIs and get to grips with reading other peoples code.